Registration & Payment

  1. Each paper must be registered by at least one author. The registration can be either regular or student registration.
  2. Each paper needs at least 1 early-bird registration (before May 16); otherwise, the paper will be removed from the programme and proceedings.
  3. The author who has multiple papers can register for one MAIN paper and pay additional fees for his/her additional papers. However, if the author has both abstract papers and full-length papers, the MAIN paper should be the full-length one.
  4. Student registration can cover at most 1 paper. The photocopy of student ID will be required. (Please send it to moc.liamg|tsutn4102sira#moc.liamg|tsutn4102sira)

Please refer to the registration fee above, and must fill the form exactly. Thank you!


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